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time to get out of the 1990s….wallpaper re-do

never been a fan of botanical wallpaper…or artwork…so when the new ROMO BLACK wallpaper collection debuted, i KNEW it was time to make a change. as scary as it sounds, i’ve taken the violin up again and that room has become my music room.  and that black wallpaper wasn’t inspiring me to practice (i have to blame something so i’m blaming my environment!!).  with the new paper up, there is a renewed sense of spirit and perspective…and i mean LITERALLY perspective bc the wallpaper is a bit psychedelic…i see gray women and moths…another person sees horses and geisha girls!

papering OVER black wallpaper is not quick to easy to do.  cara had to first PRIME the walls, then CROSS LINE  and then finally PAPER.  minimum of 3 steps to get my fancy music room.  stay tuned…new chandelier to be installed…and then we need to talk about that plaid silk upholstered chair …and animal print ottoman…..   🙂







thumb_IMG_5342_1024 OLY-ALICEthumb_IMG_5345_1024thumb_IMG_5343_1024




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