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What do you do with your wedding dress…? make it your own artwork!!!!

what do you do with a special ITEM that reminds you of the best day of your life? shove it in a drawer? wrap it carefully and put in the attic? take a picture of it?

i didn’t want to shove my beautiful wedding dress to the back of my closet for the rest of time. sure i hoped that my sister or a cousin might want to wear it, but who am i kidding!? they want to pick their own dress!

so i decided to stuff and frame it so we can remember our big day EVERYDAY. puts a big smile on my face everytime i look at it. Alfonso — my custom framer — helped me to design and execute this strange request! we laid it out, spec-ed out a custom acrylic box and selected the deep indigo raw silk that the dress was to be mounted on. we installed this as our main focal point in our dining room. talk about a great conversation piece.  next custom piece — my violin from when i was 11 years!  hey alfonsa!!!….

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