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Greetings from Hannah the Intern!

We asked Hannah to keep in touch with us …she finally came up for air in her last year at Iowa State…:


Hey all!! I’m back! I hope you all missed me cause I sure missed all of you!  It is now second semester here at Iowa State… Which means my FINAL semester as a college student…and as a student in general! Which I never thought would actually happen!

This semester is going to be quite the busy one. My studio for this semester is architecture based. So as an interior designer you could only imagine how intimidated I was when I learned the amount of work I was in for. Now I’m not saying that Interior Design isn’t as tough or as prestigious as architecture, because it definitely has its own difficulties. But coming into the studio as an interior designer, I have the mindset of an interior designer, so I basically have to rearrange how my mind works to that of an architect so there are going to be some rough times ahead.

The cool thing about this studio is we get to learn a whole new computer program called Rhino – it’s a 3D modeling program that can produce anything imaginable. It is way more advanced than anything I’ve ever used before. It’s like AUTOCAD, but 3000x as intense and developed… Basically AutoCAD on steroids.

So many of you may be asking, “what exactly is this studio you speak of?” Or “Wow sounds like fun, will you tell me more?” Well, of Course! So this studio is called “Fabricating Potentials”. It is a design-build studio and we are designing an interactive pavilion for the Des Moines music festival 80/35 that takes place this summer. (So if any of you fine folk feel like stopping by, I will most likely be there!)

So far we haven’t come up with a concept ….yet. But very soon we have to present 2 proposals to our sponsors, OPN, an architecture firm here in Iowa. Cross your fingers for us guys! I’m pretty sure it’s all our first time presenting a project that will actually be built to a firm!! (signal excited squeals)

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Top Five things Hannah misses most from Lisa Wolfe Design:

1). Playing with the kitties all day. We all know they love me the most…although I have yet to bring Coco to the dark side…mwuahahahaha

2). I miss the weekly trips to the city with Lisa and jamming out to “Welcome to The Jungle” (Guns and Roses) on the way home.

3). I miss helping pick out fabric samples and printing out cut sheets and organizing all of them! (Lisa probably never thought I would say that).

4). I miss aiding in the design of residences with Lisa and Maria. I’m sick of all the studios that I have very little interest in at all!!

5). And most of all, I miss being part of the Lisa Wolfe Team and having all those good times in the office!

Top Five Things Hannah Will Miss about college:

1). I will miss the freedom to do whatever I want without any real world concerns or effects.

2). I will miss the nightlife (we all do right?)

3). I will miss being in close proximity with all of my best friends

4). I will miss being able to eat junk food all the time (aka ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner) and blaming it on the “Oh I’m poor because I’m a college student so I can just eat whatever I can afford” phrase.

5).I will miss NOT having to pay bill


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